moodley brand identity

fresh + vegetarian: moodley for Mangolds

10 minutes on “How the English language was developed”

Presentation about the state of education becomes a piece of art.


"Little things annoy people much more than big ones." Charles Bukowski

Video by Augusto Arduini

iPhone fireflies flicker across Europe in time-lapse video

The time-lapse video tracks the movement of 880 iPhones across western Europe, mostly Germany and the UK, in April 2011. The data was uploaded to the CrowdFlow site by volunteers using the same iPhone data log that caused such a fuss a few months ago.


Personal messages from Japan by @Twitter on Flickr.

"Twitter has been showing off its ‘big data’ geekness through presenting a geographic visualization of all the relevant retweets and @replies that occurred in the 1 hour period just before and after the Japan earthquake." /via @infosthetics